Pebble @ Cicero’s 01.6.17

St. Louis based trio Pebble brought their infectious jam music to Cicero’s on a blisteringly cold Friday evening in The Loop, opening for the Grateful Dead tribute artist Jake’s Leg. They’re a freshman local St. Louis band clad in coordinated black slacks, white button down shirts, and black ties– the group led the crowd on a heavily reggae inspired musical trip.


Cicero’s was packed full of pizza aromas, friends, and family there to support the budding musicians. The show brought together people of all ages and styles. Dad Factor: the limit does not exist. As for the Flannel Factor…there were dads in flannel and what’s better than dads in plaids?
It’s clear that the group’s time spent playing at venues such as Syberg’s, 2720, and Astral Observatory in 2016 has given them a solid performance experience base. Their vocals are reminiscent of Dispatch, mixed with instrumentals inspired by Bob Marley. The combination of drums (Max White), guitar (Jack Linneman), and bass (Alex Imm) created a magnetic rhythm that had everyone– regardless of genre preferences– compulsively bobbing their head and bouncing to the feel good music.


The charisma and smiles of the musicians during their performance evokes a distinct happy and care-free emotion. Playing mostly songs off of their album, Walk the Earth, they ease between mellow vibes to head spinning jams. Nearing the end of their set, during their album title song, smooth sounds of a saxophone erupted adding a unique extra element to their set. Saxophone player, Yuki Aono, impressed and electrified the crowd.
When their set came to a close the crowd chanted for an encore song and they happily delivered it. Their encore song “Roll Me (Fatty Spliff)” certainly set the appropriate chill aesthetic for the following Dead tribute, and the entire crowd joined together in a sing-a-long. We rate the Substance Factor for this show a full five, for self explanatory reasons. Catching a buzz for this show just feels right.


They play with the sincerity of people who truly love music, and their jams build a friendly community around happiness inspiring music. The band members took time to visit with friends and family after the show to spread their appreciation for the love and support they’re surrounded by.  Pebble rolls reggae, blues, and funk vibes together into a wonderfully refreshing act. To summarize them using their own words, “just good energy”! If you love music with ultra chill vibe we’re sure you won’t want to miss Pebble’s future shows.


Who is Pebble?

 Genre: Reggae/Funk/Blues
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Debut: January 2016
Similar Artists: Bob Marley, OAR, Dispatch, and Bob Dylan
Facebook: Pebble Music
Instagram: @PebbleMusic


You can find their debut album Walk The Earth here:

Click here for Spotify

Click here for iTunes


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All photography featured is © Photography by J Rose 2017

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