Lightrider, OddSoul & The Sounds, and Casper Webs @ Cicero’s 02.09.17


Thursday was a busy night for music across the city with bands like The Floozies playing a sold out show at Delmar Hall, but at Cicero’s we found a hidden gem with Lightrider. Opening up was pop sensation Casper Webs, as well as OddSoul & the Sound. It was an interesting lineup as there was a great contrast of genre between the acts. The night went Lo-Fi, Hi-Fi and everything in-between. This showcase of local talent was not one to miss with each act bringing their own personal touch to the evening.


Casper Webs commanded the stage with his intense presence and powerhouse vocals. For every ounce of talent he served there was a dose of sass and attitude that captured the audience’s attention. He performed songs from his self-titled album which contains tracks like Pretty Little Liar and You Make My Head Go. His inspirations from performers like Lady Gaga comes through in his star power that he evokes throughout. The front of the stage was lined with photographers and ecstatic fans who came just to see him perform.

2 A.jpg

As the Casper Webs fans filed out, the room was left with an intimate crowd of music lovers. The change in vibe was perfect for the low-key performance of OddSoul & the Sound. OddSoul refers to Matt Klose (Vocals/Guitar), but the Sound can refer to various artists that Klose collaborates with around town. Tonight’s show involved the very talented Sean Holland (Bass) and Deshon Mitchell (Drums). The indie rock sound was often balanced with a funky jazz sound, but regardless each song opened with a storytelling experience from Matt. Some songs even bordered on a Ska or Reggae influence. Klose’s vocals are along the lines of artists like Green Day’s Billy Joe with a unique Lo-Fi sound. They closed off the set with a rockin’ bluesy jam titled I See Trouble, which readied for the headliner.

3 M.jpg

Lightrider took the stage after some technical issues, but they definitely did not let the troubles get in the way of a full force performance. Despite this being the bands second show they had a fully clean and developed sound for such a new act. The up and coming group consists of Vanessa (Vocals), Gary (Guitar/Vocals), Nick (Guitar), Tim (Drums), and Jesse (Bass). The stage had an exciting ambiance with their illuminated drum kit and overall chill vibe.

The contrasting back and forth vocals between Vanessa and Gary gives their music a dynamic that brings it to the next level. The more upbeat songs had a garage rock sound that brought us back to some of the indie rock bands from the early 2000s. The slower songs were a bit more contemporary with an ambient sound that mellowed out their performance. There was a solid vein of funk throughout their set leaving everyone dancing along and having a good time.

3 D.jpg

Lightrider is definitely a band to keep an eye on. Despite being so early in their career I would not be surprised to see them charm their way to the top. Between Vanessa’s radiance and the pure musical talent of the entire group, it would be impossible for this group not to do great things.

Who is Lightrider?:

Genre: Indie Rock/Funk
Label: Independent
Hometown: Saint Louis
Instagram: @LightriderBand

They are still working on an EP but check out one of their instrumental recordings:

Check out more photos from the show:


All photography featured is © Photography by J Rose 2017

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