Not A Part Of It, Tracing Wires, and Suburban Commandos @ San Loo 02.22.17

Tracing Wires @ San Loo

On Monday San Loo transitioned from the big band sounds of Annie and the Fur Trappers who played a six pm set, to a night of Punk featuring both local and touring acts. San Loo is your neighborhood bar that just happens to have amazing lineups of music. We headed down to Cherokee Street to catch the first two acts of the night.

Tracing Wires @ San Loo

Local alternative punk band, Tracing Wires, started the night out with band members Tim (lead vocals/rhythm guitar, Shawn C. (bass), and Dani B. (lead guitar/backing vocals), and Tony P. (percussion). Although Tracing Wires formed in 2015, the members have all been a part of the local music scene for some time. They recently released their new album titled Arguing on the Internet in September of 2016. Although they identify as punk they certainly have traces of emo and hardcore as well. Dan opened the set with a cover of Feels like Home by No Use for a Name, in memory of a friend that recently passed. Their set included plenty of explicit lyrics exploring topics on modern society. Tim’s vocals mix punk vocals with yelling, and their influences such as Bad Religion and NOFX comes through in their instrumentals.

Not A Part Of It @ San Loo

Hailing from Oregon, Not A Part Of It came to San Loo as a stop on their 2017 album tour, The Nine Lives of the Nightlife. The punk trio includes front-man Jason Burton (guitar/vocals), Daylon Liles (bass/vocals), and Cody Lamb (percussion). They brought high-energy punk rock ‘n roll that packed a punch. Their classic 70’s punk influences, mixed with a hint of ska, made for headbanging evening complete— with their angst-ridden tribute to Oscar the Grouch with the song titled, I Love Trash. While Jason Burton’s abilities as a front-man tied the performance together, Daylon and Cody’s expressive and animated performances brought the energy.

Not A Part of It @ San Loo

We unfortunately could only stay for the first two bands, a side effect of a day job, but closing up the night was Suburban Commandos. They are a local Pop-Punk group who is much more Punk than Pop when you get down to it. They consist of Kayla Smalley (Drums), Dylan Ramey (Bass/Vocals), and Kenny Joslen (Guitar). They have announced that an album will be available within the year. In the meantime keep a look out for both Tracing Wires and Suburban Commandos around the Lou. Tracing Wires will be at El Lenador on March 3rd, as well as participating in Rude Fest at Fubar this April.

Check out more photos from the show:

All photography featured is © Photography by J Rose 2017

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