4 Hands 5th Anniversary Party @ Delmar Hall 03.03.17


It is not hard to fall in love with Saint Louis with all of its culture and entertainment. On Friday March 3, 2017 two worlds of local artistry combined at Delmar Hall for the 4 Hands 5th Anniversary Party. 4 Hands gave back to the city they call home by throwing a free concert to celebrate five years of amazing local craft beer. The lineup for the night included three local acts: The Wilderness, Bruiser Queen, and Diarrhea Planet. The stage donned a larger than life banner of the popular 4 Hands City Wide beer. The flagship Pale Ale was served at the show as well as their new 4 Hands City Wide Pilsner. Fans of the brewery packed in early, eager for a night of good beer and good music.

The Wilderness @ 4 Hands 5th Anniversary Party

The Wilderness was first up—with band members Dan Johanning, Bobby Stevens, Justin Haltmar, and Gabe Usery. Front-man, Johanning, works in the packaging department of 4 Hands Brewery. He proclaimed, “St. Louis is our family. In 30 years, we want to say we help with, we help with that, we help with everything!” Clad in plenty of flannel the band brought their Midwestern rock to the stage first, with gritty vocals atop pure rock and roll instrumentals. They played a song that was an ode to local rock radio station KSHE 95 that sang “Scorpions and Rolling Stones are all you need”, and their classic rock vibes certainly come through in their music with plenty of great rock jam moments throughout their set. Stream their music on Bandcamp or catch a local show!

Bruiser Queen @ 4 Hands 5th Anniversary Party

Next up was the highly energetic Bruiser Queen, comprised of band members Morgan Nusbaum (guitar/vocals) and Cory Perkins (drums). They are perfect for capturing the spirit of local music for the event. For a band of just two they sure make a lot of great noise. Nasbaum, with her vibrant pink hair, has a powerful, heart-breaking, voice that’s reminiscent of the 60’s and beautifully mesmerizing vocalizations as heard in several of their songs “Tiny Heart Attack”, “Alien”, and “I’m Yours”. Her stage presence is captivating and at the catharsis of one of their songs she laid down on her back and hung her head off the stage all while managing to finish her guitar riff—impressive is an understatement. Nusbaum and Perkins have a unique chemistry on stage together that gives their sound even greater authenticity. They have hard-driving garage-punk guitar and drum lines that had their dedicated fans stomping their feet and head-banging. In a break between songs Perkins said “St. Louis has the best food, the best beer, and the best f*cking music!”—and we agree wholeheartedly. Thank you, Bruiser Queen, for making our community a better place through music. You can find their new single, Telepathic Mind, on Spotify, Apple Music, and Sound Cloud.

Diarrhea Planet @ 4 Hands 5th Anniversary Party

Headliner Diarrhea Planet took to the stage with their guitar-heavy six-piece act from Nashville— made up of band members Jordan (guitar), Brent (guitar), Mike (bass), Emmett (guitar), Evan (guitar), and Ian (drums). It’s quite unique to see a band pull off having four guitars in their act, but these guys make it work. Their pure energy weaves hints of classic rock with hard rock and plenty of guitar shredding. They have ambitious vocals that range in and out of many different styles, but one thing they keep consistent is their over-the-top hair-metal stage presence. The energy of their performance was memorably reckless and exuberant, throwing the crowd into a compulsive frenzy of head-banging and moshing. To close their set, they played a cover of Rage Against the Machine’s Bulls on Parade that appropriately articulated their raw energy. Their newest album, Turn to Gold, was released in June 2016 and can be found on Spotify and Sound Cloud.

The celebration concluded with a blast of confetti over the crowd to close out Diarrhea Planet’s set. The event was over but energy was high and the excitement continued after the show with after parties at Moonrise Hotel and the Pin-Up Bowl. 4 Hands had taken over the taps for the night to make sure the fun didn’t end.

Check out more photos from the show below:

All photography featured is © Photography by J Rose 2017

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