Cold War Kids w/ The Greeting Committee @ The Blue Note (Columbia) 03.17.17

Cold War Kids @ The Blue Note

Part of what makes St. Louis such a prime musical city is its juxtaposition to other musical cities and festivals. Just two hours from home, The Blue Note is a rehabbed Vaudeville theater that has maintained its charm. We made the drive over to Columbia to go check out Cold War Kids on St. Patrick’s Day. Tucked inside away from the chaos of the college town’s Paddy’s day celebration was an amazing night of music with support from Kansas City band The Greeting Committee.

The Greeting Committee @ The Blue Note

Opening for Cold War Kids was The Greeting Committee, a four-piece band founded in 2014 by four Kansas native high school friends, Addie Sartino (vocals), Brandon Yangmi (guitar), Austin Fraser (drummer), and Pierce Turcotte (bass). That very night the band released their new album, “Meeting People is Easy”. They had plenty of support from friends in the front row and won over the unfamiliar crowd with their infectious energy. The band vibrates with a fresh and youthful indie pop sound, with explosive energy on the stage to match— their sound is reminiscent of a cross between The Mowgli’s and Frankie Cosmos.

The Greeting Committee @ The Blue Note

They clearly love having fun, Sartino was frequently wildly shaking her head, dancing with the other members of the band, and even hopping off stage to run through the crowd. They played a few tracks from their new album, most notably the song titled She’s a Gun, which is a promising taste of what the band is capable of. They wound down their set by playing a few of their slower tracks, which fully displayed Sartino’s hauntingly beautiful, and shockingly mature, vocals. They closed the set with their most popular song, Hands Down, which feels like a soundtrack for first loves. We love to see fellow Midwestern talent and will be interested to see how they develop as a band in the future.

Cold War Kids @ The Blue Note

The crowd was buzzing with excitement as the Cold War Kids took the stage— the band is comprised of two remaining original band members, front-man Nathan Willett and bassist Matt Maust, ex-Modest Mouse band member Joe Plummer, as well as Matt Schwartz and David Quon. They opened the set with an electric performance of their 2015 track All of This Could be Yours. Willett’s passionate stage presence adds intensity to his soulful voice, making the live experience distinctly satisfying and laden with heavy vibes.

The band moved through their set with seasoned grace, switching between performances of their early classic songs and newer material. The audience faithfully sang along with their classics like Miracle Mile, Hang Me Up to Dry, and Hospital Beds—but they also sang along to a few of their newest tracks Love is Mystical, Can We Hang On, and So Tied Up, which will appear on their upcoming album “La Divine”. Willett commented how he loved to see fans already know the lyrics to their new content.

Cold War Kids @ The Blue Note

The band has a playful live element, as Willet and Maust shared cheeky head butts with each other mid song. The crowd shouted at the top of their lungs along with the group’s popular song First, from the 2014 album “Hold My Home”. For their encore, the band surprised the crowd with a cover of Rhianna’s song Love on the Brain and Willets vocals dazzled. The show was brought to a close by a performance of Something Is Not Right with me, during which Keyboardist Schwartz threw caution to the wind and danced ecstatically across the stage, catapulting the buzz of energy in the crowd over the edge. Be sure to check out the band’s upcoming album, “La Divine”, to be released on April 7th, 2017.

More photos from Friday’s show:

All photography featured is © Photography by J Rose 2017

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