Kristeen Young @ Vintage Vinyl 03.24.17


Kristeen Young kicked off the final weekend of shows this month with a free in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl. The St. Louis singer-songwriter performed alongside Sylvia Black on Bass and “Baby” Jeff White on the drums. This was the first time Kristeen has done a show in St. Louis in over a year. The trio performed songs off Kristeen’s latest album, Live at the Witche’s Tit, while the crowd enjoyed some free local craft beer from Schlafly. Young has been performing since 1997, working with performers like Dave Grohl and David Bowie over the years. She even has appeared on Bowie’s 2002 album Heathen. Her debut album Meet Miss Young and her All Boy Band was the first of eight albums, her most recent being released at the start of 2017.


The set took off with a loud and full force start going right into their most grooving tracks. Kristeen’s unconventional vocals are raw and filled with emotion. Her guttural vocalizations give the songs an old world vibe at times. She performs not only with her voice and instrument, but with her body as well, moving theatrically along with each song. A favorite of the night was her track You Might be Ted, but I’m Sylvia. The song perfectly captures the mystical but angsty and punk rock attitude Kristeen presents. Overall her performance was the perfect balance of chaotic discord and musical talent.

Kristeen Young embodies a lot of the character that is unique to music acts across St. Louis, with a perfect match of noise and theatrical drama. Her connection to St. Louis is of no loss to her; at one point in her set Young stopped to note that she was performing on the very same street as the hospital she was born at, a chance many performers do not get to have. You can catch Kristeen at Off Broadway tomorrow night with support from Langen Neubacher and Syna So Pro ($10 at 8:00 pm 21+). You can also check out her video for Nice off of their new album on her Youtube channel KristeenYoungMusic.

More photos from the in-store event:


All photography featured is © Photography by J Rose 2017

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