Artist Spotlight: The Fade


This Wednesday we headed over to Belleville to visit with The Fade, one of the many bands who contribute to our music scene from over the river. One of the best parts about St. Louis being a music city is it draws talent from the entire nearby area. You may have seen them around town as they play frequently in the area. Recently not only did they open up for Dinosaur Pileup at Delmar Hall, but also have closed out a few nights at the Halo Bar. This Saturday they will be coming back through town for a show at the Heavy Anchor featuring Hideous Gentleman and Marie & the Americans.

“It’s not a big city, it’s more like a big town. That means everyone knows everyone creating a really tight knit community of awesome musicians… it can be hard to break into at times” –Christopher, The Fade

The Fade is truly a group where good music starts with good people. Once they were connected, it was a natural step for the group of friends to bridge into songwriting, eventually playing their first gig in 2014 at Busch Stadium. The four piece indie-rock group is made up of Ryan Spriggs (Vocals & Guitar), Devon Kirsch (Bass), Christopher Bachmann (Guitar & Saxophone), and Anne Stevenson (Drums).

Christopher considers The Fade to be like a jumbo Corona margarita: Anne – the feminity and strength of the glass supporting them all, Devon – the brightness of the lime, Christopher – the overturned bottle seeping into the mix, and Ryan – that sweet sugar around the rim leaving you licking your lips. But Anne still persists they are a good old fashion PBR. It’s not just about charisma with this group but about the talent as well. While they stick true to the realm of rock, three quarters of the group have performed together in an orchestra setting.


If you’re looking to get a taste of what they are all about the best place to start is their self-titled EP, released last year in February. The EP’s five tracks truly display the talent in the group, with Ryan’s smooth and sultry vocals tying it all together. On the album you can really hear their influences from Queens of the Stone Age and the Arctic Monkeys. The bright sounds of Christopher’s guitar are often balanced nicely by Devon’s smooth bass and Anne’s no frills drumming.

The band is still feeling the momentum from their 2016 release and hopes to push on with a full studio album within the next year, recorded at their personal studio and recording space… Mercy Studios. In the meantime it would do you some good to check them out at an upcoming show:

06/10 – Hideous Gentlemen, The Fade, and Marie & the Americans @ The Heavy Anchor

07/16 – Broncho w/ The Fade @ The Ready Room

08/26 – An Undercover Weekend 11 @ Delmar Hall



Genre: Indie Rock
Influences: Weezer, Beck, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand.
Favorite thing about St. Louis: Provel? Ted Drewes? Schlafly? Yeah. Those things are awesome.
Ideal St. Louis Music Artist: The catchy songs of Middle Class Fashion & Dropkick the Robot, the soaring voice of Hope & Therapy, and the strength and bad-assery of Bruiser Queen.
Currently listening: Woah Thunder, Bagheera.

After an evening of drinks and food in downtown Belleville, along the second longest Main Street in the country, we headed over to their studio space to check out a few tracks. Make sure to check out our video from their rehearsal below:

Check out more photos from our session with The Fade:A1A2A3A4A5A7A8A9B2B3B5B6B7B9B10B11

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