BRONCHO w/ Billy Changer, and The Fade @ The Ready Room 07.16.17


Ever since we met up with The Fade at their recording space in Belleville we’ve been dying to see them in full force. We finally got our chance recently at the Ready Room, as they opened for touring bands Billy Changer and BRONCHO. Despite it being a Sunday, BRONCHO had no problem filling out the Ready Room. Not only did a large number of fans come out but the crowd was filled with some great local talent as well. It’s always a good sign when you go to a show and see the musicians you respect jamming along.


Despite a late start due to some usual tour delays, The Fade took to the stage with a face full of smiles ready for a great show. Immediately, any hard feelings from the audience melted away as their front-man Ryan began to charm the crowd. He promised the night would be full of some saucy music from some saucy people, and saucy it was. If you aren’t familiar with The Fade from our Artist Spotlight in June, they are an Indie-Rock group from the other side of the river made up of Ryan Spriggs (Vocals & Guitar), Devon Kirsch (Bass), Christopher Bachmann (Guitar), and Anne Stevenson (Drums). Anyone who likes bands like the Arctic Monkeys or The Black Keys would instantly fall in love with The Fade.

While watching them perform in their studio at home was the perfect way to see how intimate and fun the group is, it was awesome to see them in full force in a true venue. While some bands feel unapproachable up there behind the stage barricade, The Fade is completely inviting and an overall good time. Ryan Spriggs’ performance on vocals is probably one of the most captivating parts of the show. When he sings his typically soft spoken personality completely melts away and leaves way for a smooth and sultry powerhouse performance. Despite their glory, his effortless vocals do not by any means outshine the rest of the group.


Anne’s presence as a female drummer is by no means a gimmick. Her no fuss drumming provides a solid layer of funk to the performance. The sheer amount of talent on stage makes what The Fade does seem extremely effortless. Christopher and Devon have no trouble getting down on the strings, providing a large core of the Fade’s signature groovin’ sound. While the band frequents St. Louis for performances, it is obvious that their isolation from the music scene has allowed them to truly fine tune a sound that is wholly theirs. We are extremely lucky to have them as a contribution to the scene.

The Fade has quickly become a favorite for Sound of STL and they soon will be yours too. You can catch The Fade at their show on August 3rd when they play The Firebird alongside Christopher’s side project: Orphan Welles. They also will be taking a part of the decade themed three-night tribute show, An Under Cover Weekend 11, as they perform a 00’s hit from Justin Timberlake.


The first band from the tour bill was Billy Changer, a three piece new wave group from Los Angeles, California. The trio is composed of Robert Cifuentes (Vocals & Guitar), Jimmy Ramirez (Bass), and Gabbi Green (Vocals & Keys). Billy Changer has been on tour with BRONCHO for the last month or two, with the stop at the Ready Room being one of their last. One of the first things you’ll notice is how young the members of Billy Changer are. But their age by no means inhibits them from creating a sound that is both timeless and unique. Many of their tracks could easily be throwbacks from 1980, adding a certain sense of nostalgia to their music.

The dream-wave 80s synth feel of their music is partnered by an ever-so-stylish visual identity. It’s more than easy to fall in love with Gabbi’s cool exterior as she shows of a multitude of talent. Gabbi not only provides a solid melody on her synth, but contributes with vocals, tambourine, and guitar throughout the set. Robert brings an extra layer of style with his charming curls and new wave look. You can see their influences from artists like New Order and Beach House in his muted and surreal vocals. While Jimmy hangs to the back , his performance by no means takes a back seat. You can find Billy Changer’s latest tracks She’s Good to Go and New Year Dreams on their Spotify page.


As BRONCHO took the stage, one of the most excited people in the room was Christopher of The Fade who is a longtime fan of the Oklahoma based rock group. The headlining act is composed of Ryan Lindsey, Nathan Price, Ben King, and Penny Pitchlynn. BRONCHO qualifies as Indie-Rock but equates to so much more. They even opened up on tour for Cage The Elephant in 2016 with their unique sound. Despite their roots in the Midwest, they have a gritty yet sunny California sound that keeps the crowd moving. Ryan Lindsey is one of the most interesting performers to watch, as he writhes around on stage, gripping the microphone as he dances about, often pumping both fists in the air as he moves. While his look is involves an unwashed mop and an oversized polo-tee, his vocals are extremely clean and fine-tuned.


As they got deeper into their set the dance party was in full force. The crowd was grooving along happily in the front row, stopping to give their dance partner a spin or two as they took in the moment. In an industry that is often driven by male performers, it was nice to see a lineup where every band showcases some female talent. Penny Pitchlynn joined the band about three years ago, first appearing on their album Just Enough Hip to Be Woman in 2014. It is safe to say that she was an awesome addition to the group. BRONCHO’s latest single Get In My Car is available for listening on Spotify, definitely give them a listen.

More photos from the performance:




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