Sorry, Scout @ The Monocle 11.09.17

Sorry, Scout at their practice space in South City [Photo by Sound of STL]

On Thursday November 9th we were treated to an excellent debut performance by new local indie outfit, Sorry, Scout. They opened up for LS XPRSS at The Monocle, a venue that is quickly becoming a favorite for local artists. The band consists of Randi Whittaker (Vocals), Nate Jones (Guitar), David Anson (Bass), and Max Berglin (Drums). Some of these names might strike you as familiar, as multiple members have had previous projects across St. Louis. Some of those include Maybe Dynamite, Travelling Sound Machine, and Kentucky Knife Fight. It’s possibly from their variety of previous experience that they’ve garnered their diverse but cohesive sound. “You can hear blues and rock n’ roll in our riffs, punk in our beats, funk in our basslines… with a dash of riot grrl-sequel frustration with love and society,” explains Randi.

The group came together when Nate saw Randi perform at an open mic night at Art Bar, and decided it was the perfect chance to get a new group together. It was only a matter of time before the group was complete, and Sorry Scout was ready for their debut.

Sorry, Scout @ The Monocle 11.09.17 [Photo by Sound of STL]

In a time where a lot of people are struggling to come to terms with the current political climate, Sorry, Scout ‘s progressive and politically focused lyrics are welcomed and needed. The band has set out to do more than just make music that sounds good, “We stand unapologetically with those that struggle, and support their fight with our personal experience.” The second song of their set focused on the problems with our government and the 45th president of the United States, all while playing over triumphant and vibrant instrumentals. Sorry, Scout is getting a good message out but still knows how to have fun, “We want people to enjoy themselves at our shows, but we also want people to understand and look into and reflect on the issues discussed in Randi’s lyrics.”

Randi’s vocals are extremely impressive and diverse, ranging from a smooth sound that evokes early No Doubt records, to growls and screams that make you relive the glory days of being an Emo teenager. There were even moments that had the moody yet edgy vocal qualities similar to Morgan Nesbaum’s. While Randi maintains the lead vocals, Nate and David supply a decent amount of background vocals throughout most of the performance. The addition of the background vocals adds a truly dynamic sound to their music, while also showing how well the band works together in harmony.

Sorry, Scout @ The Monocle 11.09.17 [Photo by Sound of STL]

One of the most notable things about their performance is the true professionalism in their performance. While between songs the set was filled with funny banter and exchanges with the crowd, they are fully focused and giving their all to the performance once the songs begin. You can really tell that the band’s previous musical experiences have come together to make them seasoned performers.

Sorry, Scout  is currently working on their first release, and we are super excited to hear what comes next from the group. The band hopes to spend the next year not only playing more shows in town but hopefully bringing the act on tour. Sorry, Scout truly reflects the diversity and richness of the music scene in St. Louis. As Randi explains, “The STL music scene can be pretty incredible. There are aspects of music I loved growing up, and from folk to blues to post-hardcore and jazz, there’s always something new to hear and some new project to gush over.”

And boy are we gushing over Sorry, Scout.

Bonus: Check out this live performance of their track Great Modern Homes

Photos from the show:


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