Marian Hill: Unusual w/ Michl @ Delmar Hall 04.28.18

Last Saturday LouFest veterans Marian Hill played a very energetic set at Delmar Hall. LouFest brings a variety of national acts into town who may not have otherwise stopped in, so it’s always exciting to see them return. This time fans of the band said goodbye to the packed parking lot show and got to enjoy Marian Hill in a much more intimate night club setting at Delmar Hall.

Marian Hill.jpg
Marian Hill @ Loufest 2017 (Photo: Sound of STL)

This time around Marian Hill returned to promote their latest album Unusual which will be officially released on May 11th. The band has been setting the tone for their release with a series of short films on their Youtube, each bearing a name of a track on the album. So far the episodic series contains five intriguing videos that are definitely worth giving a look. This exact same level of artistry and respect for the hype was what made their show such an enjoyable experience.

Michl @ Delmar Hall (Photo: Sound of STL)

Opening up for Marian Hill on tour is electronic artist and vocalist Michl. Despite his elusive promotional identity and only having six songs, Michl still has garnered over a million listens on Spotify in only two years. His style is a very seductive and slow ambient sound with a large emphasis on hip hop beats. Anyone who has found themselves on the anime girl Lo-Fi Study Beats playlist on Youtube would feel more than at home with Michl’s chill sound. His live performance is bare bones to the essentials, producing the beats live on his synth while he sings over the tracks. His dreamlike and droney vocals perfectly fit the sensual vibe of Marian Hill, while also perfectly contrasting their live party atmosphere.

Marian Hill @ Delmar Hall (Photo: Sound of STL)

As Michl’s set ended and the stage began it’s transition for the headliner, a large mirror was revealed at the back of the stage. Fans were caught up taking selfies in the prop, starting their engagement with the set well before the music began. Once the dynamic electronic duo was on stage the now filled out crowed boomed with excitement.

Marian Hill has been having a wild ride this past year. Not only have they toured the festival scene, but their single Down was rated the number one most Shazam’d track due to its appearance in the Apple AirPods first commercial. While many people believe Marian Hill to be the name of the vocalist, the name actually refers to the band as a whole. The two founding members are Samantha Gongol (Vocals) and Jeremy Lloyd (Production). Joined on stage with them for the duration of the set was their long time collaborative partner Steve Davit (Saxophone/Guitar), who came up with the signature saxophone lines on their debut album.

Marian Hill @ Delmar Hall

While the musical artistry that Steve and Jeremy bring to the show is the basis for everything great about Marian Hill, you cannot deny the infectious energy that Samantha brings to the stage. From her tartan bralette to her serpentine dance moves… she’s definitely got the look. And it doesn’t stop there with Samantha. Her vocal performance was as flawless as ever, seducing the crowd with her sultry lyrics and energy. Marian Hill goes far beyond the typical electronic group and acts more as a modern exploration of jazz and burlesque.

Their first album Act One is one you can listen to over and over again, and the new tracks from Unusual already are peaking our excitement for more. Marian Hill proved at their show that they are not one to miss. You can pre-order Unusual right now on Amazon as well as find their three released tracks on Spotify.

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Photos © Photography by J Rose

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